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TTSA part of the Business Delegation during the Greek Prime Minister’s visit to India with focus on Strategic Ties

February 20, 2024


The visit of the Greek Prime Minister, KyriaKos Mitsotakis, to India on the 21st February 2024, signifies an important milestone in the deepening of strategic cooperation between India and Greece. Based on shared cultural values, and a mutual dedication to advancing economic growth, the bilateral relations extend to collaborations in the fields of security, defence, information technology, shipping, maritime affairs, and alignment on regional and global issues. A focal point of the visit is enhancing ties in strategic and economic realms, with particular attention to fostering technological partnerships.


The Greek-based company, TTSA – specialising in Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), and Energy sectors – will be part of the accompanying the PM business delegation. The company aims to fortify existing connections and explore new avenues of collaboration with regional enterprises. TTSA, currently, is involved in the development and construction of the East to Med Data Corridor (EMC) project – a subsea and terrestrial cable network connecting Europe to Asia via the Middle East – as well as in projects in the renewable energy sector.


Τhe EMC aligns with the route of the IMEC initiative, the proposed India -Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) that was announced at the G20 summit in New Delhi in September 2023. The IMEC initiative, connecting India, the Middle East, Greece and European Union, aims to enhance connectivity and economic integration across continents, redefining global data routes and significantly enhancing economic and strategic ties. The strategic alignment with the EMC maximizes the trade and geopolitical advantages inherent in the IMEC.


As Greece and India explore avenues for collaboration in various domains, the Prime Minister’s visit underscores their shared commitment to fostering a robust partnership for mutual benefit and prosperity.

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