Services & Solutions

Systems Integration

Warranty and post-warranty services on all hardware & software offered solutions

TTSA S.A. provides complete service support to end users, starting from project definition, consulting on equipment selection, maintenance, upgrading, installation, as well as extensive all-level support throughout any project life cycle. . For this purpose, we invest in highly qualified personnel and use proprietary Telco equipment when required. Our specialized technical support and maintenance team consists of engineers and technicians, who frequently get certification updates from partners like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, IBM and more.

We have an established equipment stock, components and spare parts, based on our prediction of expected market demands. This stock is available for support, commissioning or upgrade all existing services. TTSA S.A. processes customer requests and agreed response times with the utmost efficiency.

The offered System Integration service by TTSA S.A is a combination of superior Telco infrastructure, expanded regional support teams, domestic knowledge, and vast experience.

Key Features

During warranty and post-warranty period, we provide:

  • Immediate on-site response
  • 24×7 support

Key Advantages

  • Use of industrial standards and open platforms
  • Use of cutting-edge technology
  • Knowledge and extensive technical know-how in developing and implementing truly complex IT systems
  • Implementation based on a proven methodology
  • Participation of top experts throughout all phases of implementation
  • Comprehensive and unique knowledge of domestic legislation and market