SERVICES / Value Added Services

Managed Voice Services

Flexible, low-cost voice services over IP Class 5 switching platform

In cooperation with PCCW Global, we offer VoIP Switch Partition (VSP) and Hosted PBX services, based on the BroadSoft Voice over IP Class 5 switching platform. These services are designed as a replacement to a client’s PBX or Centrex service.

VoIP Switch Partition

The VSP service is designed to allow a reseller to deploy a VoIP service without the large capital investment required when using a VoIP Switch. In cooperation with PCCW Global, we host this service and provide the expertise in managing it. The reseller would be responsible for obtaining the licenses to operate as a VoIP Service Provider, and for providing the inter-connection to the local Public Switch Telephone network.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX relies on VSP and is designed to cover the needs of multinational organizations, that require a complete converged voice solution allowing all offices to communicate across a common network infrastructure. This service has the flexibility to combine PBX systems provisioned at new locations, along with existing PBX systems.

By designing the service with all the features of a PBX within the network, rather than on customer premises, the Hosted PBX service delivers a combination of VoIP flexibility and PBX functionality, without the associated capital investment and high maintenance costs. Due to the inherent nature of a network-based solution, the Hosted PBX additionally provides enhanced resiliency to the communication infrastructure, ensuring business continuity in the event of unforeseen network failures.

Key Features

  • Low up-front capital investment
  • No specialized staff required to maintain system
  • Reduced time to market
  • Flexible pricing structure