Press Releases

Lamda Development strategic partner in R Energy 1

November 11, 2022

R Energy 1 Holding, a pioneer in the RES, secured a strategic partner for the further development of its renewable energy portfolio. Lamda Development acquired a 20% stake in R Energy 1 Holding, expanding its investment strategy in Green Energy. TTSA S.A. is also the other strategic shareholder in R Energy, holding a 28% stake. […]

EMC (East-Med Corridor)

July 27, 2022

ATHENS, July 26 – Greece and Saudi Arabia agreed on Tuesday on the main terms to set up a joint venture to lay a fibre optic data cable that will link Europe with Asia. The “East to Med data Corridor”, an undersea and land data cable, will be developed by MENA HUB, owned by Saudi […]

Inauguration of RES plant in Stefani, Corinth

September 14, 2021

TTSA, through its investment in REnergy 1, expands its renewable energy portfolio by the launching of a new 10 MW photovoltaic park in the Peloponnese region in Stefani, Corinth. R Energy 1 remains committed in its business plan of further expansion within the next three years.

Photopal acquisition

March 11, 2021

R Energy 1 has completed the acquisition of Photopal, which owns a 2 MW Photovoltaic Station.