Providing global and regional enterprises with reliable and cost-effective connectivity, this service enables enterprises to run business applications over the Internet.


TTSA S.A. through its partnership with PCCW Global’s high-capacity and diverse global backbone infrastructure, offers points of presence (PoPs) all over the world and benefits from a number of private and public peering arrangements. Being PCCW Global a Tier one provider, ensures that the customer will experience highest quality Internet Services, with lowest possible hops towards all destinations.


TTSA S.A. provides a high quality Internet access service for global and regional Enterprises and Internet Service Providers who demand premium transit to Internet. The service design is based on congestion-free design with Sevice Level Guarantee (SLA). The service is suitable for customers running congestion sensitive applications viathe public Internet, e.g. VPN over Internet (e.g. IPSec), VoIP etc. This service is available at all IP PoP’s on the network. Through Dual Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) capable PE routers, TTSA S.A. can now provide:


  • Pure IPv6 GIA/IP Transit service – Customers who only require accessing the IPv6 Internet
  • Dual Stack GIA/IP Transit service – Customers who require accessing both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet via the same physical link


Currently within TTSA S.A.’s IP network, selected PoPs are equipped with Dual Stack capable PE routers which can provide IPv6 Internet connectivity to both pure IPv6 and Dual Stack GIA/IP Transit customers.


TTSA S.A. offers both Fixed and Burstable/Usage based billing options applicable to:


  • Pure IPv4 GIA/IP Transit customers
  • Pure IPv6 GIA/IP Transit customers
  • Dual Stack GIA/IP Transit customers


  1. Fixed Monthly Billing with Fixed Rate Port
  2. Fixed Monthly Billing with Rate Limited Port
  3. Usage Based Billing with Burstable Port
  4. Usage Based Billing with Burstable, Rate Limited Port

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