TTSA S.A. in cooperation with PCCW Global offers a number of product offerings based upon the Broadsoft Voice over IP Class 5 switching platform the core offering of which are:

  • VoIP Switch Partition (VSP)
  • Hosted PBX


All services based upon this platform are designed as a replacement to a customers PBX or to replace a Centrex service and to provide all voice services over an IP connection.


VoIP Switch Partition

The VSP service is designed to allow a Reseller to deploy a VoIP Service without the large capital investment in the VoIP Switch. TTSA S.A. in cooperation with PCCW Global hosts the service and provides the expertise in managing the service. The Reseller would be responsible for obtaining the licenses to operate as a VoIP Service Provider and for the providing the inter-connection to the local Public Switch Telephone network.


Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX relies on VSP, and is designed for multinational companies that require a complete converged voice solution allowing all offices to communicate across a common network infrastructure. Whether a location has an existing PBX or is a new location requiring a PBX the Hosted PBX service has the feature sets that can offer the flexibility required to meet this need.


By designing the service with all the features of a PBX within the network rather than at customer’s location, the Hosted PBX service delivers a combination of VoIP flexibility and PBX functionality without the associated capital investment and high maintenance costs. Due to the inherent nature of a network based solution the Hosted PBX also provides enhanced resiliency to the communication infrastructure in the event of unforeseen network failures ensuring business continuity.


Advantages to Reseller / Customer

  • Low up front capital investment.
  • No specialized staff required to maintain system
  • Reduces time to market
  • Flexible pricing structure

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